Tushar Pillay made enter into India Book of Records

Tushar Pillay India Book of Records
Mr.Tushar Pillay from Hyderabad received India Book of Records

Hyderabad: Tushar Pillay, NOC Manager at TCTSL in Hyderabad have been honored by Lion Club of Hyderabad for his achievement in the field of ‘MOST CERTIFIED ATTAINMENT ACKNOWLEDGED’ record holder and making a national record at INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS.

India Book of Records communication achievements includes, Tushar Pillay (born at Solapur on July 19, 1983) currently residing of Hyderabad, Telangana, acquired 111 certificates through the various government recognized firms and bodies attained from competitions, participation, training and awards, as on August 23, 2016.

Many people are passionate about acquiring certificates, but few take it to the next level. He was passionate towards receiving certificates right from his childhood. He used to participate in many competition fields of Sports, Drawing & painting. Slowly he started learning and gaining the knowledge on different topics of professional & managements through various sources and thereby keep adding up the certificates on completion.

The concept of making an attempt triggered him especially when analyzed that Certification is facilitating different industry to enable development/enhancements of skills required to drive current and future career needs. The certification can be for any of these categories: Technical, Product, Functional/Domain and Compliance. With ever growing complexities and competition in today’s world, and rapidly changing technology landscape, it is imperative for any individual to keep abreast of the technology trends to have a competitive advantage. It’s a career aspiration. It would help create a ‘skills database’ for an individual and to diagnose ‘skill gaps,’ if any.

On the same go, when he was going through the certification in Memory technique Diploma and the workshop of 7 habits for practical people. He started working deeper on the attempts of the certification converting into a meaningful outcome. Moreover, the motivation support from the organization where he works and the family support made him think more towards his success story.

He added- “Success to “Wealth is in enhancing Memory and knowledge”..!! Work hard and keep on walking towards your aim. Circumstances will change. Your priorities will change. Your goals and dreams will change. That’s okay – because change means growth. As you grow, transform, and broaden your horizons, allow yourself the freedom to expand and refine your mission. Overcome all obstacles, and you’ll the reach the pinnacle of success,” Tushar Pillay.