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The “Registration & Stamps Department” is one of the oldest wings of the Government from the year 1864. The object of the department is to give publicity to the registered documents. Registration of a document is a notice to the public by way of definitely recorded information to the world at large to enable the public to verify the records and enquire therefrom the right, title and obligations if any on any immovable property. Further, the department is acting as a “Royal record keeper”, by preserving age-old records and providing copies of the records held by it to provide as proof of genuineness in the Court of Law.

The department is collecting revenue to the State exchequer by way of Stamp Duty, Transfer Duty and Registration Fees. At present, the department is the third largest revenue earning department in the State of A.P.

IGRS Telangana Official Website registration.telangana.gov.in

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