Hyderabad Runners UOH Club Run 2017


Hyderabad Runners partnered with University of Hyderabad (UOH) for its upcoming event Club Run 2017, which is scheduled for February 19th, 2017.

To participate in Club Run 2017, the runner need to register before 12th February 2017 @ https://www.hyderabadrunners.com/clubrun/home_page.jsp

About Hyderabad Runners can be termed as the torchbearer of community running in Hyderabad, a name synonymous with running always prefixing Hyderabad Marathon that has today become the signature event of the city of Biryani and Bytes.

Came into picture in 2007, Hyderabad Runners began as a brief ensemble of self-motivated running enthusiasts who rallied their dreams and nurtured running as an indispensable activity across several sections of the society.

In less than a decade since then, Hyderabad Runners pioneered in drawing and facilitating runs of several categories including Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Fun Run etc.