Bhumipujan of Pune Metro performed by modi

Bhumipujan of Pune Metro
Bhumipujan of Pune Metro

Pune Metro Project’s Phase-1 was a longstanding dream of the people of Pune. Glad that the Bhumipujan of the project was performed: Modi

Modi also laid the foundation for a Rs 3,600-crore grand memorial for Shivaji Maharaj off the Mumbai city coast, an event that comes a few months ahead of the civic polls and amid tussle among parties to claim the legacy of the 17th century warrior king.

“I had said during the 2014 Maharashtra assembly elections that the state, which was stuck in a trench for 15 years, needed a double engine -one ‘Delhi engine’ and one ‘Maharashtra government engine’. You people trusted us and gave us the power of double-engine, which saw the metro’s arrival in Pune,” the PM said to thunderous applause.

“I am confident the nation will progress,” he said after performing the ground breaking ceremony of the metro project here.