80,000 Amazon Kindle Passwords Hacked


A hacker has claimed to breach one of Amazon’s servers and released personal information and passwords of approximately 80,000 Kindle users.

According to a series of tweets sent out by the hacker, who goes by the name ‘0x2Taylor’, released the information after the online e-commerce giant ignored his warnings about vulnerabilities related to its servers.

80,000 Amazon Kindle Passwords Hacked

This is not the first time Ox2taylor has taken responsibility for hacking data, as this is the same individual who was responsible for the data breach suffered by the Baton Rogue police department after the Alton Sterling shooting incident.

He sent out the first tweet mocking Amazon on July 8 after which he leaked the database online on Mega cloud storage service. The database contains information about users’ email, passwords, city, state, calling number and much more. Though the leak is a dangerous one, he has just asked for a sum of $700, claiming it was easy for him.

The hacker is also hopeful that this server breach will make Amazon more cautious and force them to implement better security measures. In a direct message along with a screenshot, he had earlier warned Amazon that he would release the data soon after.

“Personally, I don’t want to leak the data,” he said.


This is not the first time Amazon has suffered from such an issue, as it previously attempted to force-reset passwords after what seemed like a probable password leak.

However, the authenticity of this hack has been question be security analysts and pointed out that it may be a false claim to trouble users and Amazon.