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State failed to utilise Central funds: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad: The State government failed to utilise Central funds and was instead raising allegations against the Centre, BJP floor leader in the Assembly G Kishan Reddy said here on Tuesday.

Speaking on a host of issues during an informal chat with the media, he said prominent sectors such as agriculture, education, health and law and order “are not functioning up to the mark due to the inefficiency of the State government.” The Agriculture Department, he alleged, had failed to make advance estimates on various crops and now, the State government was cursing the Centre.

“The State government wants all the produce of various crops to be purchased by the Centre. What is the role of the State government then?” he questioned.

Speaking on employees’ issues, he claimed that the government was unable to release PRC dues for the past four years. He wanted the Farmers Investment Support Scheme payments to be made online to encourage digital transactions.

Reddy also spoke about the situation in educational institutions, lack of facilities in medical colleges and universities, union budgetary allocations to State and survey reports of the TRS government.

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