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Quenching people’s thirst for 5 years

Sangareddy: As summer fast approaching, many philanthropists would come forward to set up ‘Chalivendram’ (water kiosks) along the roads and at busy places to help the citizens quench their thirst during the summer. But the story of Mohammad Hanif, 60, who has been running a water kiosk for past five years on Jeerlapally-Jharasangam road near Peddachelmada village is entirely unique.

Hanif, who dedicated himself in the service of little known Ismail Khan Sharif Dargha five years ago, had set up a water kiosk five years ago by buying four clay pots near the Dargha on a busy Jeerlapally-Jharasangam road. He will fetch the water from a bore well located some two furlongs away carrying the pot on his shoulders. He needs to fetch some 10 pots of water during winter and 15-20 pots during the summer since more passersby would stop at the Dargha to quench their thirst. Speaking to Telangana Today, Hanif said that he had married off his three children.

Since he was relieved from family burdens, he had decided to work at the Dargha without expecting anything. During 2013 summer, Hanif said he had set up the water kiosk to serve the passersby. Since then, he has been running the water kiosk without any interruption. Hanif will make an alternative arrangement in case if he could not attend the duties.

Yesebu, who was seen quenching thirst at the kiosk on Tuesday afternoon, said he will certainly take a brief halt to drink water at Hanif’s water kiosk.

Since Yesebu, a petty vendor by profession moves around regularly in these parts of Sangaredddy district, he would certainly stop at the place to have lunch under the shadow of the tree because he would also find water here. Not only Yesebu, it is one stop destination for farmers and roads users to quench their thirst since they could find drinking water round the clock here. Hanif lives in a small hut very close to his water kiosk.

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