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Now it is ‘Andhra/Telangana Bhavan canteen’

Hyderabad: Like every Indian State that is represented in the capital by its bhavan, Telangana State also has one. But the subsidised canteen that belonged to the both the Telugu States continued to be in the name of Andhra Bhavan canteen.

Though it has been serving traditional cuisine of the Telangana region too, the canteen continued with the tag of Andhra Bhavan for the past three and half years.

But the change is conspicuous for the regular visitors of the famous food joint on Ashoka Road in New Delhi. Coinciding with the visit of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao to New Delhi, the canteen that belonged to the two Telugu States was renamed as Andhra / Telangana Bhavan canteen.

Telangana Bhavan Resident Commissioner Asok Kumar said the canteen known for its famous South Indian thali in Central Delhi had so far been missing the Telangana identity.

Run by private caterers, the canteen is not only open to the public but is also extremely popular with those visiting Delhi from both the Telugu States.

The issue over the name of the canteen was addressed for now. Traditional Telangana food being served in the canteen enjoyed a huge fan following adding to its rating. Now, it has been named officially as “Andhra/Telangana Bhavan Canteen”.

The State is planning to host the Secretaries of the different Central government departments and senior officials of various ministries soon. They will have a taste of famous Telangana dishes and delicacies. It has been mooted as part of the goodwill building exercise in the national capital.

Asok Kumar said Andhra Pradesh had built two temples on the premises of Andhra Bhavan in Delhi. Construction of a Yadadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple on the premises of Telangana Bhavan was proposed as desired by many of the elected representatives. It will help give the cultural identity of the State to the Telangana Bhavan, he added.

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