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Karimnagar top in paddy production

Karimnagar: Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government wrote a letter to the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) claiming that allocating water to Telangana was of no use. It also claimed that as compared to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh was producing a large quantity of paddy by utilising less water.

While Telangana was producing fewer crops by utilising 1 tmc water, the yield percentage in Andhra Pradesh was high. So, more quantity of water should be allocated to AP in the interests of national food security, the AP government mentioned in the letter.

However, according to agricultural department statics, AP government’s argument was wrong. Except on a few occasions, erstwhile Karimnagar district was always top in paddy production than that of East and West Godavari districts in AP, which was considered as the rice bowl of Andhra.

In 2013 kharif, the crop was sown in 2,13,934 hectares, whereas the paddy produced was 13,00,719 tonnes. Meanwhile, in rabi (2013-14), the crop was sowed in 2,08,458 hectare, whereas 13,39,343 tonnes of paddy was produced. In kharif 2015, the yield came down due to drought. Nearly 6,39,898 tonnes of paddy was produced in 1,16,345 hectors.

After formation of new districts, the crop was sowed in 53,730 hectors in separate Karimnagar district in rabi 2015-16 and yield was 3,03,575 tonnes. Nearly 2,06,100 tonnes of paddy was produced by sowing crop in 32,976 hectors in kharif 2016. In Rabi 2016-17, 4,20,961 tonnes of yield was produced in 61,906 hectors.

The figures were higher than that of any paddy producing districts of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, a majority of the farmers cultivating paddy by depending on agricultural pump sets as there was no proper water facility.

Speaking to the Telangana Today, District Agriculture office, V Sreedhar informed that even in united Andhra Pradesh, erstwhile Karimnagar district was the highest paddy producer in the State. There is no weight in the argument of Andhra Pradesh government, he opined.

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