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CEC to introduce EMS in preparing voters lists

Nizamabad: New Voters Registrations and Amendments in voter list should be done in a systematic way to prevent irregularities, said Central Election Commission (CEC) IT Director P K Shukla, on Thursday during a meeting with various district election returning officers and district election officers through video conference from New Delhi.

Shukla said CEC decided to introduce Electronic Management System to prepare voters lists and its amendments, through this system election returning officer and CEC officials should observe the voters list. He said that voters registration should be done after 18 to 21 years, if anyone registers their name as voter after 22 years, election officers should cross-check that the person hasn’t registered his name at any place in the country and take authentication from him. Special care should be taken while registering people above 25 years of age, he added.

Shukla said that if anyone wants to transfer their vote from one constituency to another, new constituency ERO should be informed present constituency ERO to delete that vote at present constituency.

EROs should issue checklist to the booth level officers if they want to register the voter and check it after registration.

Nizamabad Collector MRM Rao, JC Ravinder Reddy, Bodhan Sub-Collector Anurag Jayanthi, Nizamabad RDO Vinod Kumar, Municipal Commissioner John Samson took part.

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