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Telangana roads to soon become NHs

Hyderabad: In a move that could drastically boost the road connectivity along the National Highways sprawled across the State, the Roads & Buildings Department has taken up works to upgrade the newly designated National Highways (NHs).

According to senior officials of the department, tenders were already called for the upgradation of a 15.9-km stretch on Hyderabad-Narsapur- Medak National Highway. Similarly, construction of a two-lane road on 35-km stretch from Warangal to Mulug on Bhopalpatnam National Highway will also be taken up.

“As a part of the upgradation of the roads, we will be constructing or rather modifying them as per the National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI’s) guidelines. We have already called for the tenders,” Superintending Engineer, R&B Department, National Highways, Dr C Vasantha, told Telangana Today.

The department would now begin working on ways to ensure that these State highways are made into National Highways as they see a considerable amount of vehicular traffic travelling their length and breadth.

“Initially, we want to increase the width of the roads and the projects have already been sanctioned. The criteria we have been given is to increase the width of the roads, and they were identified based on its connectivity to other areas in and outside the State,” she said.

As a part of which, the department is also looking to increase the connectivity on the roads that link Bengaluru and Vijayawada.

The officials identified that some of the roads that connect these two cities were single lane and were unable to bear with the rising traffic conditions. Now, the officials are planning to make these roads either a double lane or four-lane road with a width of 20 m.

“Once the roads are widened, we would facilitate easier traffic flow and movement,” said the SE.

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