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Telangana Dalits seek ‘pattas’ under LPS

Hanwada (Mahabubnagar): One of the major bottlenecks to the State government’s prestigious initiative to give three acres of agricultural land to Dalits through Land Purchase Scheme (LPS) is that people were not coming forward to sell their lands to the government.

But, here is one large chunk of government land, which is being cultivated by 200 families for more than six decades. Almost 200 Dalit families which are dependent on this land are requesting the government to issue them pattadar passbooks so that they can ‘on paper’ become the rightful owners of the property.

There is 100 acres of government land in survey number 718 in Hanwada mandal headquarters. These families have been tilling and cultivating those water-starved lands which are mostly dependent on borewells and rains for over six decades. Hardly, a family holds half-an-acre of land or maybe a little more.

During the revenue records updation programme, these Dalits of Hanwada requested revenue officials to clear the land issue and recognise them as the rightful owners of the land by issuing them pattas. The officials told them that only upon directions from higher authorities they could be able to do that.

“There is 156 acres of government land in survey number 473 in the same mandal headquarters. Out of those 156 acres, 56 acres are cultivable lands. In the past, about 5 acres were regularised and some people were issued pattas by revenue officials. If let’s say 100 families from survey number 718 could be given those remaining 50 acres of agricultural land in survey number 473 which is not yet been regularised, then each family can get at least 1.5 acres to 2 acres of agricultural land in these two survey numbers,” Dasari Anjaneyulu, a representative of the Dalit farmers told Telangana Today.

Though this idea of adjustment and then regularisation and equal distribution of agricultural land among Dalits may not achieve the 100 per cent target of ensuring 3 acres of land to every Dalit family, it could at least achieve 60 per cent of the LPS’ objective and that too without the pain of buying private land from landlords who are reluctant to let go off their lands to accommodate the interests of poor landless Dalits.

If the State government can fulfil this aspiration, it would create a lot of goodwill among the people for the government and that too saving at least Rs 10 crore, which would otherwise have been required to buy 150 acres under LPS.

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