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Sudden spurt in power consumption in erstwhile Karimnagar

Karimnagar: There has been a sudden spurt in consumption of power in the erstwhile Karimnagar district. Surprisingly, the usage of power has increased by more than two million units per day. Thanks to the State government for taking a decision to supply 24X7 power to the agriculture sector.

Farmers, who used to face problems in watering their crops due to insufficient and interrupted power supply, are watering their lands whenever they have free time. Moreover, the starters fixed to agricultural pumpsets to operate motors automatically have also been removed by the ryots.

According to the Electricity Department statistics, the consumption of power has been increased to 14 MU from 12.8 MU per day. There is more than 2 MU increase when compared to previous statistics. Though the consumption touched to 15.8 MU during the initial days after starting 24X7 power supply scheme, it came down after the release of water into Sri Ram Sagar Project canal.

As Rabi season has already started, officials are expecting that utilisation of power is likely to increase more during February, March and April, as it is crucial period for standing crops, especially paddy.

Out of 2.6 lakh hectors cultivable land, more than 40 per cent of the land is cultivated through borewells. Of that a majority of the area 1.33 lakh hectors would be covered by paddy followed by maize in 36,740 hectors and other crops in 36,800 hectors.

Earlier, there was 3.15 lakh agricultural pumpsets in district. While 50,000 pumpsets gets power from the CESS in Rajanna Sircilla district, 30,000 (Husnabad area) went under the Central Power Distribution Company Limited (CPDCL) limits. At present, 2.88 lakh agricultural pumpsets are existing in Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Jagital and some areas in Rajanna-Sircilla districts.

Speaking to the Telangana Today, Madhava Rao, Superintendent Engineer, Northern Power Distribution Company, opined said power consumption would naturally increase. Besides, setting up 50 new substations, 40 new 33/11 kv lines were laid. About 250 capacitor banks were also set up to reduce load.

There has been no shortfall of power since 1,200 MW of Jaipur Power Plant, 600 MW (KTRP) besides, 2,700 MW solar power is available, he said.

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