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Stress on developing model villages: Warangal Police Commissioner

Warangal Urban: We need model villages to showcase the development rather than just the developed villages, said G Sudheer Babu, Commissioner of Police, Warangal Commissionerate.

Addressing model village committee members during the convention with theme ‘commitment of model village committees – model village institution building’ at Bala Vikasa Peoples’ Development Training Centre at Kazipet on Monday, he said that Bala Vikasa was doing good work for community development and it was innovative step to build model communities in the village for driving self growth.

He said: “The biggest essence of Bala Vikasa programmes is community participation and no development can be achieved without their participation.” He requested the committee members to inspire other villages too in initiating such programmes and spread the light so that one day every village in the State becomes a model for the country.

Bala Theresa Gingras, who presided over the programme said this programme was reaping fruits of development with the active, selfless, dedicated, united, and honest services of committee members. These committees are initiating different development activities in their respective villages and are aiming towards the holistic development of village.

Executive Director, Bala Vikasa, S Shoury Reddy said, “Today’s world is driven by dream, desire, and dedication. While desire and dream are attributed at individual level, dedication is more at community level for societal development. The model committee members of Bala Vikasa are marching forward with a dedication to bring positive change in their respective villages. These members are intellectually, economically, and socially developed.” He requested the participants to identify the local resources and make optimum use of them.

Vijay Paul Reddy, director, LODI multipurpose social service society lauded the development initiatives of Bala vikasa and said it gave him immense satisfaction that the programme was reaching poor and vulnerable of many other States.

B Marreddy, president of Bala Vikasa said every individual in the community should be a role model to transform the entire village into a model. The development committees of different villages shared their experiences at the convention and took oath to curb plastic usage in the coming year.

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