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Soil testing works completed in Nalgonda

Nalgonda: Testing and analysis of 24,464 soil samples, which were collected by Agriculture Department across the district has been completed.

In all, 24,464 soil samples were collected by agriculture officers in the district and the target was to issue soil health cards to 1,52,645 farmers in the district.

Agriculture Department was working towards completing online updation of results by end of February for issuance of soil health cards to farmers. Agriculture Department has already issued soil health cards to 7,000 farmers in the district.

For soil testing, 33 kits of mini soil test labs were distributed to Agriculture Officers in the district in addition to soil testing labs – Soil testing laboratory at Miryalaguda, Agriculture market committee soil testing laboratories at Nalgonda and Kirishi Vignana Kendra Soil testing lab at Gaddipally.

After online updation of results, details would be sent to agencies working on contract for preparation of soil health cards, which would be distributed to farmers.

District Agricultural Advisory and Transfer of Technology Centre (DATTC) Coordinator Dr K Shailaja told Telangana Today that the programme of issuing soil health cards was aimed at reducing money spent on fertilizers by farmers.

Suggestion would be given to them about the quantity of fertilizer to be used based on fertility of the land, which would be mentioned in the cards. In addition to this, it would help in protecting fertility of fields by avoiding over usage of chemical fertilizers.

She said 91 per cent of the agricultural land in Nalgonda district had red soil and not suitable for cultivation of cotton crop. But, the farmers were taking up cultivation of cotton crop over large area in the district due to various reasons. Taking up of cultivation of cotton in such soil was resulting in low yield of crop which would in turn affect financial condition of farmers.

She said soil health cards would help in creating awareness among farmers about the nature of their agricultural fields.

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