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‘Provide water to upstream areas from Jurala’, says Raghavachary

Mahabubnagar: Raghavachary, Founder of Palamuru Adhyayana Vedika, suggested that the State government should implement GO Ms No 72 by accessing Krishna water from Jurala, to provide irrigation to areas lying upstream as far as Vikarabad.

He said last year 450 TMC of Krishna water was supplied from Jurala to Srisailam project and using 60 to 70 TMC water from Jurala project to irrigate lands in Mahabubnagar district would be a wise thing to do.

He was addressing a gathering of farmers and TJAC activists at a meeting held in Mahabubnagar town regarding ‘farmers’ issues and possible solutions.’

He said that there was 35 lakh acres of cultivable land in united Mahabubnagar district, of which 2 lakh acres of agricultural land was under irrigation through Jurala and RDS projects, which was being irrigated through canals till the last mile.

For all the lift irrigation projects like Kalwakurthy, Bheema, Nettempadu and Koilsagar lift irrigation schemes, complete canal work was not completed according to him. “Even in Jurala project canal work has not been completed 100 per cent. The State government must ensure water reached the last acre to realise the objective of constructing these irrigation projects,” he said.

He also spoke extensively about the agricultural crisis affecting the country and added that lives of farmers had come to such a low that if a farmer commits suicide, the family members feel consumption of food would come down for one person.

“Those who say they are working for the country are the ones tying the suicide knot around the farmers’ necks. The Parliament and State legislative bodies which formulate laws, including the political establishment have become major causes for agrarian crisis in India,” he said.

“The expenditure incurred by a rural family on food is actually far less than what they are spending on cell phones, health and education. But whatever they are producing, maximum amount of revenue is going into the hands of middlemen and corporate who are building business empires using these farmers’ production. The farmers have been caught in this vicious cycle where they become losers even though they are the ones who produce,” he said.

Around 70 per cent of the country’s people depend on agriculture and allied sectors for survival and the centre and State governments should allocate 70 per cent budget to these sectors, he added.

He said time had come when the country should first think about the welfare of farmers, without which the future of agriculture and farmers would be jeopardised.

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