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Tuva Gutta residents seek help from Telangana Govt

Mahabubnagar: It was during YS Rajashekar Reddy’s regime as the Chief Minister of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, that 95 families of Budiga Jangas (SCs) and Chenchus (STs) living in Mahabubnagar were given land pattas and were assured that 60 sq ft houses would be constructed for them over 1.35 acres of land allotted to them.

Foundations were raised to build 18 houses with financial assistance from the then government, six matchbox-styled houses were constructed by 2014. Then, Telangana was formed and the government changed.

These people have been living in Mahabubnagar for 40 years but due to construction of an Idgah, they were relocated to Someshwar Colony in Tuva Gutta on the outskirts of Boyapally village, where they were assured houses.

The colony residents have approached the district administration several times over the years for streelights, as snakes and scorpions are a common sight in the locality.

People from both the communities had been living in deplorable conditions here in makeshift huts with no toilets or drains. There are two government borewells in the colony, but when water levels go down (which is a common problem in the town), they have to trek to a nearby mill, where they are shooed away if they go in groups to fetch water.

Tuva Gutta used to be under Boyapally gram panchayat limits before the GP was merged with Mahabubnagar Municipality, recently. The people of the colony don’t know whether their area comes under ward 34 or 35, because some Revenue Department’s formalities are yet to be completed.

There are domestic workers, beggars, rag pickers, hawkers, auto drivers and municipal sanitation workers living in this colony. Some of the children are mentally challenged here, probably due to their parents consuming adulterated toddy during pregnancy or after birth. Beggars feed their babies adulterated toddy to put them to sleep.

Shanti (11) is one such victim, who suffered nervous breakdown three years ago and lost her vision completely. She can’t move or even sit. She has been spending the past three years sleeping inside her shack. Efforts of the government doctors to help her revive have gone in vain.

Ancestors of the indigenous Chenchu tribe, who had been living in Nallamala forests, migrated to Pebberu village in Wanaparthy district long ago. Their successors (around 40 families), who migrated to Mahabubnagar town in search of a livelihood have been living in this colony. Their condition is pathetic to say the least.

Though the community people claim that 95 families were issued pattas in 2008, today there are around 140 families living there. Unfortunately, Kapperi Pentaiah, a self-proclaimed leader of the Budiga Janga community, has kept the original land pattas of the 95 families with himself- which is illegal as per law. He has a spacious house built for himself at the base of the hillock.

The community people have made representations to MLA V Srinivas Goud and MRO to build 2-BHK houses for them in the land allotted to them, so that they could lead a dignified life like any other person as envisaged by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao through his prestigious housing scheme for the poor.

However, according to Mahabubnagar MRO, 2-BHK houses have not been sanctioned for Someshwar Colony as part of the housing scheme in Mahabubnagar Municipality.

“In Mahabubnagar municipality 2-BHK houses are being constructed in three slum areas- Divitipally (811 houses), Christianpally (310 houses) and Yeramannugutta. Total sanctioned houses are 2,300 for the municipality, for which works are under various stages of progress. But we have no sanctions for construction of 2-BHK houses in Someshwar Colony,” said MV Prabhakar, MRO.

Only positive development that has happened in the area is an overhead tank which would be constructed on Tuva Gutta soon under Mission Bhagiratha. A 33/11 KV sub-station came up in the colony recently and it is said that they would be able to use electricity free of cost here on. A Tribal Welfare Youth Training Institute has also been constructed on the hillock to help them.

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