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Tigress sighting creates panic in Telangana’s forest area

Mancherial: Frequent sighting of a tigress in forests areas of Bellampalli, Nelwai and Vemanapalli mandals is terrorising locals.

Authorities of Forest Department have confirmed that the big cat, which was found living in Chennur forests, was moving in this region from last couple of weeks. However, it is facing the threat of poachers.

“A two-and-half year old female tigress, migrated from Kumram Bheem Asifabad district, initially strayed into forests of Chennur in the first week of November. It is sometimes entering wild areas of neighbouring Nelwai, Vemanapalli, Kannepalli, Nennel, and Bheemini. Its movement is being tracked through CCTV cameras,” Bellampalli Forest Divisional Officer V Thirumal Rao told Telangana Today.

Sighting of the majestic animal is creating panic among agrarian community of these mandals. “We are frightened to go to our fields at night to protect crops from wild pigs. No tiger strayed into forests of this region earlier,” said K Sharath, a farmer from Nelwai mandal.

Motorists are also scared to use roads in the four mandals, fearing attack of the carnivore. They are not venturing to travel during night, in the wake of news being circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are demanding authorities of Forest Department to take precautionary steps to protect the big cat.

It is learnt that the tigress has strayed into these mandals because of availability of water resources such as the Nelwai irrigation project and other tanks as well as prey animals. Forests of Chennur are endowed with favourable conditions for carnivores. Big cats are migrating from neighbouring district of Kumram Bheem Asifabad as well from the neighbouring State of Maharashtra to settle down in this region.

But, big cats often end up being killed here. A three-year male tiger named after Phalguna II was electrocuted when it touched an electrical trap set by hunters. Its body was found buried on the banks of a stream. Its carcass was exhumed on December 3, 2016. Six persons including a juvenile were arrested for killing the big cat and were later jailed.

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