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Telangana: NGO distributes blankets at Oasis orphanage in Warangal

Warangal Urban:  Sulakshya Seva Samithi, a voluntary organisation, as part of one of their objective ‘ Providing basic needs’ has distributed blankets  and sweaters  to the inmates of oasis orphanage here on Sunday.

Prof. Ch.Dinesh Kumar, Director of SDLCE, Kakatiya University, who was the chief guest at the programme, has opined that one can reach great heights if we acquire knowledge. He said that students should have a keen focus on their academics and not worry about any circumstances that deter them.   Appreciating the activities of Sulakshya Seva Samithi, he said the country will definitely progress if everyone dedicates some time from their lives to strive for the well being of the society. 

Speaking in the occasion, founder president of the Samithi Santhosh Manduva said that “We have been distributing blankets to the homeless and poor since the past five years as part of one of our objective “Providing basic needs” and with an intention to gift warmth during the spine chilling winter season.

Another member of the Samithi Kodam Vinay has opined that taking part in such activities will not only give us immense satisfaction but also teach us that life is not at all a smooth ride and we all should do our bit for the benefit of the needy”

Oddiraj Chandraprakash Rao who runs the orphanage has said that “Sulakshya Seva Samithi has been a great support to the orphanage since the past decade.  We are grateful to them and their team for extending their help to the children residing here in the orphanage.

 Members of the Samithi Santhosh Manduva, Kodam Vinay, Sandela Goutham, Vadlakonda Karthik , Orphanage incharge Oddiraj Chandraprakash  and others were present.  


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