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Short films screened at WTC draw large crowds

Hyderabad: People from various districts in the State are flocking to Ravindra Bharathi to watch short films made by young and budding filmmakers as part of the conference.

The response was such that several movie buffs had to sit on the floor to watch the films. About 15 movies were screened on Saturday and they were based on Telangana culture, history, festivals and traditions, with all of them eliciting the same encouraging response.

One such movie was ‘Telugu Velugu’. The film revolves around Telugu language and its importance. Telugu actor LB Sriram plays a lead role as a Telugu teacher. His inspirational talk makes students realise importance of the language and they decide to learn it.

“As a writer and assistant director, I worked under Sriram. I wanted to make a short film on the importance of Telugu. This movie has got a good response from the audience,” said Harinath Puli, Director, Telugu Velugu.

Another movie ‘Sathyanna, The Son of the Soil’, directed by Sri Chandu, was about Sathyam, whose suicide over losing agricultural land to debts, makes his childhood friend Bhanu re-think about selling his land.

Bhanu returns to his native village from the United States to sell his farm lands. He decides to meet his childhood friend Sathyam and comes to know about his suicide from his ailing mother. Realising the importance of agricultural land, Bhanu becomes a farmer. More inspiring movies are lined up for Sunday.

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