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Rs 5000 cr more to be spent on sheep distribution: CM KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said on Friday that the empowerment of the backward classes especially the Golla and Kuruma communities has been on the top of the agenda of the government. Laying the foundation stone for the Golla and Kuruma Samkshema Bhavans at Kokapet in the suburbs of the city, he said that the two communities in Telangana were emerging as the largest wealth creators.

He said the government would spend another Rs 5000 crore on the sheep distribution programme aimed at reaching out to the beneficiaries of the two communities. He announced Rs 1 crore as initial capital for floating a welfare fund for the benefit two communities.

The State has a Golla and Kuruma population of 30 lakh and Gangaputra and Mudiraj population of another 40 lakh. They form great manpower with considerable potential. But still about 650 lorries of sheep were being imported daily into the State. This situation had to be reversed by making use of the potential of the Golla and Kuruma manpower to export 650 lorries of sheep daily to other States, he added.

Chief Minister said that the Government would implement the sheep distribution scheme till the last family was covered. In all 7.61 lakh people have been registered so far for distribution of the sheep units. The government had set a target to provide 1.60 sheep additionally in the State and it would cost some Rs 5000 crore additionally. There is no going back on the commitment given to these communities. The government had distributed so far 35 lakh sheep and their litter could add another 13 lakh thus adding in all 48 lakhs additionally to the State. The government had introduced 100 mobile clinics for treating the sick units of sheep all over the State.

Calling the sheep units given newly to the Golla and Kuruma beneficiaries as a ‘moving banks’, he said they would add to the wealth of the community there by to the wealth of the State substantially in the years to come. Taking a dig at the opposition parties that were critical of the sheep distribution scheme, he said the critics would soon be disproved by the development achieved by the beneficiaries.

Chief Minister said the Samkshema Bhavan being constructed for the two communities should be shaped into centre for training. Weddings of the Golla and Kuruma youths can also be performed in a befitting way in these centre, he added.

Chief Minister reiterated his commitment for ensuring due representation to the communities in the legislative bodies. One of the yadav leaders would be given Rajya sabha ticket in March next. Similarly Kuruma leader Egge Mallesh would be elected to state legislative council soon, he asserted.


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