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Rare intellectual treat floors audience at WTC

Hyderabad: Ashtavadhanam is a feast for any Telugu literary lover. But when an Ashtavadhani duo perform the unique literary form, one would not have asked for more. The Ashtavadhani duo – Mudigonda Amarnatha Sharma and Muthyampeta Gourishankara Sharma from Medak, left the audience spellbound as they dealt with salvos fired by the Prachchakas (questioners) challenging their prowess in different literary forms of Telugu at ‘Janta Kavula Ashtavadhanam’ in Ravindra Bharathi on Sunday.

The auditorium was packed to its capacity with delegates who could not find seats not hesitating to sit on the floor or steps on the pathway to witness the Avadhani duo displaying their unique skills, answering questions posed by the Prachchakas. While Ashtavadhanam is known to be a challenging literary form of Telugu language, the ‘Janta Kavula Ashtavadhanam’ turned out to be much more complex where the Ashtavadhanis switched between themselves and completed the literary challenges without speaking to each other. While one of them started a Padyam (poem), the other one ended it with equal ease even as the duo complied with restrictions by the Prachchakas.

“Such rare feats were earlier done by a select few including Tirupati Venkata Kavulu who revived Avadhana Prakriya, one of the ancient Telugu literary forms. While Avadhanam itself is a difficult task, two persons performing it without interacting with each other is much more difficult and requires great understanding between the duo. Amarnatha Sharma and Gourishankara Sharma have excelled in it,” said the programme moderator Ghatti Krishnamurthy.

Influenced by the proficiency and company of numerous literary exponents, TRS Lok Sabha floor leader AP Jitender Reddy who attended the ‘Janta Kavula Ashtavadhanam’ could not stop but recite a few lines in Telugu poetry appreciating celebration of World Telugu Conference. He stated that though his education was in English medium, the company of literary exponents and recital of songs and poetry by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on the inaugural day had prompted him to try his hand at poetry.

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