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Old Medak Cathedral Church continues to charm all

Medak: About 50 years before Charles Walker Posnett arrived in Medak (1897), Chapel Church, which the locals call today as Old Church, was constructed. Legend has it that the church was constructed by spending just Rs 375.

Built using rocks and clay as core material, the church still remains intact. After Walker decided to stay back at Medak, he built a double-storey house in the early 1900s adjacent to the church.

As his residence appeared to be dominating the Old Church, Walker decided to build the modern Medak Cathedral Church, one of the tallest structures of its time.

Mission Hospital

When there was no proper hospital in Medak district, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society started a Mission Hospital on the premises of Chapel Church in 1870s.

Besides having modern equipment, the hospital used to have an operation theatre, X-ray facility among others. As the doctors from England used to be available here, patients even from Hyderabad used to come to Medak for treatment. The locals say doctors at the hospital had performed an eye surgery to Princess Shankaramma of Pappannpet Samsthan.

The hospital, which offered health services for over 100 years, is also known for performing safe deliveries. It had played a vital role in bringing down mother and infant deaths.

The hospital was closed down 16 years ago, but the dilapidated building of the hospital can be seen even today.

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