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New approach to curb open defecation in Medak

Medak: To dissuade people from relieving in the open, several villages in Veldurthi Mandal in Medak district are adopting innovative methods to discourage open defecation and spread awareness on the ill effects of it. Despite several measures taken, people are still found defecating in open. Though the Damarancha village in the mandal is having toilets at 100 per cent of houses, the Panchayath has noticed that many people were still not using the toilets which were constructed. To spread a message among the people on the ill-effects of open defecation, the Grama Panchathyath of Damarancha roped in a couple of drum beaters, who will follow the people going for open defecation from behind by beating drums.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Field Assistant of Damarancha, K Naveen Reddy, said that MPDO, Veldurthi, Krishnan has suggested the method to discourage people from continuing the practice. Medak district was recently declared ODF as the district administration had ensured the construction of toilets at 100 per cent of the houses. Several Grama Panchathys are also imposing Rs 100 to Rs 500 fine if people continue the practice of open defecation. Meanwhile, the innovative method has evoked good response as most of the people have stopped the practice.

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