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Nalgonda sees 32 per cent rise in crime rate

Nalgonda: The rise in crime is accelerating, with the latest figures showing a 32 per cent increase in all police-recorded offences across Nalgonda district. The number of cases filed in the district increased to 1,790 in the year 2017 from 1,354 in 2016.

According to the statistics obtained from District Police Office, cases of serious offences were increased to 165 in 2017 as compared to 139 cases registered in 2019. The number of robbery cases also increased from 10 in 2016 to 24 in 2017. Meanwhile, rape cases registered was also increased to 61 in 2017 from 47 in 2016.

According to the statistics, the number of dowry deaths doubled this year as compared to last year from five to 11. But, no murder for gain, dacoit and cattle thefts were reported in the district this year and murder cases were also decreased. In addition to this, 20 house burglaries, nine ordinary thefts and one counterfeit currency case were reported in the district in 2017. Thanks to the police patrolling, the district police succeeded in bringing down the theft to 304 in 2017 from 367 incidents reported in 2016. But, the recovered booty in the theft cases was decreased this year.

As compared to last year, the police recovered Rs 3.59 crores worth stolen property, but this year, the police recovered just Rs 2.40 crore property from the offenders.

Also, the district police revoked PD Act on eight notorious criminals, including six members of gangster Nayeem gang – Tamata Srinu, Chand Pasha, Jahangir, Jhani Pasha, Tabrez and Kala Mohin in the year 2017. Under the Gambling Act, 347 cases were filed against 450 persons at different places in the district and seized Rs 5,10,575 from their possession.

Crime against women

The crime against women has increased in the district as the cases registered increased to 627 in 2017 from 555 last year. SHE teams have also filed nine cases against the youth and conducted counselling to 243 this year.

In addition to this, 163-eve-teasing cases were reported in the year 2017. An awareness programme, ‘Dhani’, which was brainchild of the Superintendent of Police DV Srinivas Rao was also launched in the district to educate the girl students to be cautious about their safety.

Three cases were also filed on the incidents of illegal sale of the girl child in the district this year. The district Police have launched mass campaign “Amma Nannu Ammake” (Mother..,. Don’t Sell Me) to create awareness among the tribals on the sale of the girl child.

Road accidents

Due to the various road safety measures and awareness campaigns taken up by the district police, the road accident decreased to 900 in 2017 from 923 in 2016. But, the number of persons died in the road accidents increased to 357 in 2017 from 307 last year.

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