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Nagoba Jatara from January 16 in Adilabad

Adilabad: The important annual religious and cultural affair of Adivasis, Nagoba Jatara, is set to begin from January 16. Members of the Mesaram clan announced this at Keslapur village in Indervelli mandal on Sunday. Ethnic tribes belonging to not only Telangana, but also Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh congregate at the holy place and worship the serpent god by performing certain unique rituals.

Traditionally, members of the Mesaram clan revere the serpent god Nagoba which is the main event of this affair, touted to be a major fair of erstwhile Adilabad district. They offer their respects and seek the blessings of the serpent god through rituals and ceremonies. They follow certain unique customs in order to worship the deity.

Initially, the members gather at the shrine and organise a meeting to discuss the important events to be conducted as part of the fair. They carry out publicity about the fair in eight villages of Indervelli, Ichoda and Bazar Hathnoor mandals by traversing on bullock carts for a period of 10 days. This event is called Kasur Pracharam.

Then, they converge at Keslapur and decide the course of journey for bringing water from Godavari river, known as Ganga Jal. Around 100 members set out to Kalamadugu of Khanapur mandal in Nirmal district and they cover 155 tribal villages when they undertake this task. They reach mandal headquarter of Indervelli and perform traditional prayers at Indradevi temple.

Later, they assemble under sacred banyan trees and stay there for four days as a customary tradition. They reach the temple of Nagoba and perform prayers in the night. Women of the Mesaram clan also act as priests. Neither officials nor public representatives are allowed to enter the sancta sanctorum of the shrine during prayers.

Jana Darbar is conducted inviting ministers and authorities for redressal of grievances. Gonds purchase items required for solemnising the marriage of their daughters at the stalls erected at the fair. Authorities of Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Utnoor, make elaborate arrangements for the smooth conduct of the fair. On an average, around 25,000 pilgrims throng the shrine everyday.

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