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Mayuri Park a threat to Pillalamarri?

Mahabubnagar: Mayuri Park has become the evening hang out place for the people of Mahabubnagar, but due to the park, Pillalamarri Tourism Centre has been facing loss.

One would expect the two tourist centres to complement each other, but it has been the other way round. For the past couple of decades, Pillalamarri was the only place to visit in Mahabubnagar town.

There are couple issues faced by tourists who visit Pillalamarri. First, expense is an issue for tourists. Various sections in the tourism centre are operated by various departments including Forest, School Education, Tourism and Archaeology Department, and due to this jurisdictional issues and sharing of revenue has been creating an imbalance.

Each department has a separate fare for tourists. This way, a tourist has to spend Rs 60 to cover all the tourist attractions at Pillalamarri. While some departments made good money, others had to suffer. To address this problem, District Collector Ronald Rose has come up with a plan to consolidate the tickets of all departments and allow tourists to visit all the attractions using one ticket costing Rs 20 for adults and Rs 10 for children.

Second issue faced by toursits is that of overcharging local autorickshaw drivers, who leave no chance to fleece tourists and charge anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 200 for a one-way ride to or from the bus stand or railway station.

Barring these two issues, the biggest threat to Pillalamarri, now is Mayuri Park. Everyone who previously used to visit Pillalamarri are now going to Mayuri Park. To address this issue, Rose is planning a Mahabubnagar package for tourists which would include a visit to Pillalamarri, Mayuri and other local attractions.

He is planning to run special buses from Hyderabad, to lure Hyderabadis to visit the nature’s wonders in Mahabubnagar, apart from knowing the history of Palamuru.

“No matter how much joy a person gets after spending a day in Mayuri Park, the amount of knowledge one can get at Pillalamarri Tourism Centre is priceless,” said Chinna Reddy, a senior citizen of Mahabubnagar.

Meanwhile, Mayuri Park is facing its set of problems, plastic bottles can be seen piled-up near benches in the forest area. Tourists, seldom care about protecting environment, the situation is similar to the one faced by Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, where one can see plastic bottles and covers lying everywhere. Though plastic is banned in Nehru Zoo, it is yet to be banned in Mayuri Park.

“We have worked very hard to create this environment for people. Now they are destroying it without realising it,” said V Mahender, Forest Range Officer of Mahabubnagar.

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