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Many localities in Mahabubnagar facing acute shortage of water

Mahabubnagar: Several parts of Mahabubnagar town is facing acute scarcity of water but Municipality is harldy doing anything to help people.

Paulsaab Gutta is one such locality which is populated mostly by middle and upper-middle-class families. There is also a slum called Vaddera basti in the area which comes under ward number 38 of Mahabubnagar Municipality. It is close to the railway station and has a municipal water reservoir.

On December 12, MLA Srinivas Goud had laid foundation stone for the construction of a new reservoir with a capacity of 650 KL, the estimated cost of the project is Rs 95 lakh. It was said that the reservoir would be completed within three months. The old reservoir was demolished and the contractor took 16 days just to remove debris from the area.

At present an overhead reservoir is being used to supply water to the residents. Call it gross negligence or careless attitude of contractors, the inlet from where water used to enter the old reservoir has not been sealed. At least three tanker of water flows out and nothing is being done to stop the water from getting wasted. And the people living right beside the reservoir literally keep waiting for water to be supplied to their houses.

Just a few days before the foundation laying ceremony, water was supplied properly, every alternate day. After the ceremony was over, it became endless wait for the people in the locality. There is no set time when water would be released. Sometimes water is released once in three or four days, just for one hour.

Force of water flow is not good enough to meet the needs of the entire ward, while some are getting excess water, many are not getting a single drop.

The problem is not limited to just Paulsaab Gutta. Residents of Shahsaab Gutta in the heart of the town are also facing similar problem. Many are contemplating moving-out to other localities where water is available.

Local politicians have been claiming that water is being supplied to people of Mahabubnagar every alternate day. In reality this is an exaggeration.

“Thousands of gallons are going waste from the inlet of the old reservoir. If the administration is spending Rs 95 lakh on building the new reservoir, then what is the problem in setting up a few inter-linked syntax tanks to collect the water which otherwise goes waste? It would hardly cost Rs 15,000. At least those in dire need of water can use it,” said a senior citizen of Paulsaab Gutta, on condition of anonymity.

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