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Karvena reservoir works on fast track

Mahabubnagar: Works for the construction of Karvena reservoir (also called Kurumurthyraya reservoir) which is part of the prestigious Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project, is going on at brisk pace. The reservoir, which would have a total storage capacity of 17.34 TMC, is expected to become the lifeline for Devarakadra and Narayanpet Assembly constituencies, irrigating 2,30,000 acres.

The source of water is the Srisailam backwaters which can be accessed at Yelluru reservoir in Nagarkurnool district, when the water level there reaches 269 feet.

Initially, the State government’s idea was to construct the reservoir in Narayanpet constituency, but due to the risk of submergence of 24 villages, the government zeroed in on this a location in Bhootpur mandal, where only four hamlets (Battupally, Chintagattu, Ekulagattu and Borangattu thandas) could be submerged.

According to irrigation officials, Rs 11.8 crore was disbursed as compensation to 200 families in these hamlets and Rs 185 crore was paid to land oustees to acquire 6,600 acres for the reservoir, of which 300 acres is government land.

There are six reservoirs which are part of the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project- Nagulapur, Vedula, Vattem, Karvena, Udandapuram and KP Lakshmidevipally reservoirs.

Work agreements were done for construction of Karvena reservoir which forms the 13th, 14th and 15th package of the Palamuru-Rangareddy project.

From Vattem reservoir, Krishna water would enter Karvena reservoir by gravity and a 14.125 km long bund at a height of 60 metres is currently being built by various contractors under the three packages.

Bagaiah, Assistant Engineer in-charge of package 13 told Telangana Today that due to non-availability of sand, work was delayed and after crushers had been installed at the project sites to manufacture sand from rocks, works had picked up pace. A total of 20 lakh cubic metres of sand and 1.3 crore cubic metres of BC soil would be needed to complete the reservoir, he said.

The reservoir, which is being constructed at a cost of Rs 2,550 crore, would have to be ready by December 2018, which is the deadline for its completion.

There would be three sluices through which water would be released into the main canals, extending to distributaries, minors and field canals, providing water to the last acre under the ayacut.

About 450 labourers are engaged in the construction of the reservoir, of which 200 have been sourced locally. Others have come from Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh States. While men are getting Rs 300 per day as wages, women are getting Rs 250 per day.

The architectural beauty of the reservoir is where the water exits the reservoir through ‘D-shaped Twin-Tunnels’. The tunnels come under package 16 of the project and are 8.9 km long, carrying water to Udandapur reservoir through gravity.

Till now, excavation has been completed till 1 km (both tunnels combined).

Satya Prakash, Irrigation Engineer in-charge of audit tunnel 3, explained that the twin-tunnel construction was preferred to ensure completion of the project at a faster pace.

Through approach canals, water from Karvena reservoir reaches the twin tunnels, from where water would be carried to a surge pool near Udandapur reservoir. From the surge pool, through draft tubes, water would be sent to the pump house, where 5 pumps having 145 MW power would lift water and fill Udandapur reservoir. Each pump can lift 75 cumecs per second.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited and Sushi Infra are the two main contractors. There are also other sub-contractors working in the packages under Karvena reservoir.

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