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Efforts to make Telangana roads safe

Hyderabad: Efforts are afoot to make road commutes safer across the State, as a part of the intensive drive taken up in the State with the Roads and Buildings (R&B) Department identifying 93 black spots and rectifying 80. Most of these black spots are located in Mahabubnagar, Warangal (Urban), Nalgonda and Nizamabad districts. By rectification, the officials plan to reduce the number of accidents in the black spots, utilising engineering techniques.

Going by the official numbers, the roads under R&B comprise 24,245 km with 3,152 km of State Highways, 12,079 km of major district roads, and 9,014 km of district roads. There are 16 National Highways which pass through the State, covering a length of 2,592 km, out of which 868 km are with National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the remaining with its State wing.

A black spot is defined as a location which has witnessed five or more accidents, due to lack of vision. “There are several spots along the State’s road length which have been marked accident-prone,” said T Satyanarayana, deputy chief-engineer, R&B Department (NH Wing).

The department is studying the dimensions of the roads and is identifying the engineering skills required to bring down the number of accidents, said T Satyanarayana. It is also mulling setting up convex mirrors at the blind turns wherever expansion is not possible.

Widening curvatures

“The accidents take place at blind turns and narrow sharp curves, and presently we are looking to widen these roads and widen the curvature of the roads to make way for easier and safer turns,” he added.

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