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Distinctive festive flavours

India’s youngest State is known for its spread of distinct festivals throughout the year. Every festival is celebrated with utmost ardour, bringing people from various cultures and faiths together. With many legends behind the celebrations, and elaborate rituals with a dash of colour and enthusiasm, we see Telangana spirit soaring to new heights during these festive days.

Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo…

There are a few times of the year that we look forward to, because they usher in our favourite festivals. Bathukamma, for instance, is one such festival which is a feast to our eyes. One of the best parts of the festival is that the streets flooded with floral arrangements. Outdoor markets, with street vendors selling colourful flowers, is quite a sight. Women in each locality come together with their own Bathukamma and immerse themselves in singing special traditional songs and dancing around in perfect sync to the rhythm.

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Eid – Mubarak

Hyderabad is one of the best cities to be in during Ramadan. Every street in the city comes alive with food stalls lined up on the roads, keeping Hyderabadis busy day and night, and make them lose themselves in the spell of aroma-filled avenues. The city is enchanted for a whole month with the special Ramadan prayers. Irrespective of religious beliefs and faiths, Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramzan is one festival that is most special to Hyderabadis and holds a pride of place in our hearts.

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