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Decline in suicides observed in Nagarkurnool annual crime report

Nagarkurnool: The annual crime report of Nagarkurnool district police was disclosed by the district’s new Superintendent of Police Sunpreet Singh on Friday.

One of the positive trends is the decrease of suicides in general and farmers’ suicides this year, as compared with 2015 and 2016. While 424 general suicides were reported in 2015, it got reduced to 298 last year and this year the number further came down to 170. The decreasing trend could be attributed to the police department’s efforts to provide medical aid and hold rehabilitation camps in certain suicide-prone areas with the help of NGOs. Setting-up of a family counseling cell in a newly constructed building in the district police headquarters’ premises has also helped in preventing potential suicide cases from happening though effective counseling.

Another initiative worth mentioning is the efforts of the district police in making communities ID liquor and adulterated toddy-free. As the police had observed that most of the suicides were happening in communities where young widows in the age group of 25-30 had become victimized due to use of Id liquor and adulterated toddy consumption by their husbands who killed themselves (due to the suicidal tendency created by consumption of ID liquor and adulterated toddy).

District police identified such communities and distributed pamphlets, organized stage shows, rallies and road-side plays with the help of Kalajathas. This could also be a reason for the decrease in suicides.

The number of cases reported has increased from 2728 last year, to 3391 this year. The number of grave and non-grave cases has seen an upward trend which is a cause for concern. There was 43.79 per cent detection of reported IPC and SLL cases.

There was 27.74 per cent detection of property lost and 32.60 per cent recovery of property.

The number of murders this year is 22, which is less when compared to 32 deaths in 2015. However, there is a slight increase in rape cases. The most troubling troubling trend observed is the number of crimes against women, which has increased from 148 in 2015 and 169 in 2016 to 295 in 2017.

While the number of fatal road accidents and people dying in them has seen a slightly decreasing trend, the number of non-fatal road accidents has almost doubled since 2015, with 586 people being injured.

There were 159 cases of missing people reported which has more than doubled when compared with 2015. 111 people have been traced till now.

Cases booked for drunken driving stood at 3215 and the fines imposed totaled to Rs 32,69,150. Conviction rate has Seen a considerable increase from 15.29 per cent last year, to 20.56 per cent this year. Know your village programme, prevention of child marriages, prevention of sorcery and witchcraft practices, road safety programs, organizing medical camps, haritha haram, swachh bharat and creation of Whatsapp number were some of the initiatives of the district police this year.

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