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Crime rate drops by 14 per cent in Suryapet district

Suryapet: The crime rate dropped by 14 per cent in Suryapet district in the year 2017 with the initiatives taken up by the district police.

Number of grave crimes came down to 100 in 2017 from 114 in the year 2016. No cases of murder for gain, dacoity, cattle thefts and counterfeit currency were reported this year.

Murder cases also came down to 25 in 2017 from 39 in the year 2016 and rape cases also reduced to 47 in 2017 from 48 in 2016. But, robbery cases increased to five in 2017 from three in 2016 and house burglaries increased to 16 in 2017 from 14 in 2016. Ordinary theft cases increased to three in 2017 from two in 2016 while dowry deaths increased from one to three.

Among 558 cases of crime against women, five were dowry murders, three dowry deaths, 15 suicides, 245 harassments, 47 rapes, 36 kidnappings, 192 molestation, eight bigamy cases.

Total property offenses came down to 222 in 2017 from 287 in 2016 in the district. In all, 95 suicides were reported including that of 26 women, 68 men and one minor. Of 177 missing cases, police traced 154 missing persons.

The district police also acted tough on illegal sand transporters in the district. In all, 341 cases were filed, 35 lorries and 412 tractors were seized for illegal sand transportation. About 646 persons were arrested and 319 persons were bound over in these cases.

Road accidents came down in the district to 554 in 2017 from 616 in 2016. Similarly, deaths in accidents came down to 230 in 2017 from 245 in 2016. But, the number of inured in road accidents increased to 616 in 2017 from 610 in 2017.

The number of cases increased in 2017 compared to 2016 due to preventive bind over criminals. About, 5,823 cases were filed at different police stations in 2017 as against 5,200 in 2016.

Superintendent of Police Prakash Jadav said due to initiatives of the police and cooperation of people, crime rate came down in the district. He said police patrolling and number of CCTV cameras would be increased in the year 2018 to bring the crime rate down further in the district. In addition to this, Jail Release Monitoring System would also be strengthened to keep an eye on criminals. Clues team would also be set up soon in the district.

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