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Civil Supplies run has been a great learning experience, says CV Anand

From taking over a department long blamed for its lethargy to presenting demonstrations on IT reforms to delegates from around the country, senior IPS officer CV Anand has had a busy year as Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Ex-Officio Secretary to Telangana government.

The year 2017 saw the civil supplies department shedding its usual apathetic approach and starting to don a more dynamic and proactive functioning due to a series of reforms over the months. “Reforms and IT initiatives helped us in not only streamlining the functioning but also saving big amounts to the State exchequer,” CV Anand tells Telangana Today.

Beginning in surprise

For the first time in my life, I have spent a whole year in a non-police department. It has been a great learning experience. I never knew there was so much to do in Consumer Affairs, Civil Supplies, Food, and Legal Metrology Departments, all of which I am now heading as one unit.

Usually, not just in Telangana but around the country, these departments are thought of as insignificant on the one hand and slothful on the other. I told all the officers, we are going to abide by the rule book. They were surprised. Apparently, that was never the case before!

The challenges

I created more than 15 sub-divisional WhatsApp groups exclusively for department officers, from the highest to the junior-most level, and I personally respond to each message in each group. I spend two hours of my own time, but it yields results worth 10 hours of interaction per day.

I used to manually calculate and double-check all accounts from home on every weekend and holiday. That way, we were able to counter false claims made by dealers through inflated bill estimates. Then, to convince Fair Price Shop dealers across the city to join hands with us for our IT initiatives was the major challenge, as they were afraid of losing income.

Achievements in 2017

In the last 16 months we have saved about Rs 1,618 crore to the exchequer by implementing various reforms in the department. There is no or negligible whisking away of ration and milled rice now. Dealers are all paying up on time. We have received milled rice and the ePos system is implemented in all FP shops across the State except for a few in Adilabad.

Plans for 2018

We plan to stabilise all our initiatives in the year 2018 – that would be a great success. I want to make the department so digitised and decentralised that it should be able to work perfectly with or without me. We are also working on State-wide portability for FP shops in the State.

Doorstep delivery of ration for the genuinely needy and weak is also being worked upon, and we hope to materialise that plan in 2018.

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