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Cartoon exhibition at World Telugu Conference draws good crowds

Hyderabad: Some funny, some serious and some thought provoking, the cartoon exhibition organised as part of the World Telugu Conference at LB Stadium has participation of cartoonists from different parts of the State.

With a compilation of 190 cartoons, the exhibition drew good patronage from visitors who appreciated the works.

Most cartoonists came up with depictions on importance of Telugu language through their works. One such cartoon by Chinanna addresses the students and shows how present day students were checking English dictionary to learn Telugu language.

“Earlier, students use to learn English through Telugu dictionary but now the situation has just reversed. The cartoon depicts the sorry state of affairs of Telugu language,” says Chinnanna.

The cartoonists chose wide and varied subjects including Telangana festivals, culture, tradition, Hyderabad Metro, and Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb. A cartoon by P Veerabhadra Rao depicts how Hyderabad from a common man’s capital has metamorphosed into world’s health capital.

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