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Bommalammagutta example of Telugu’s roots

Karimnagar: Bommalammagutta, a hillock located away from residential habitations, is drawing the attention of the entire Telugu community spread across the world.

In the wake of the conference, Bommalammagutta, located near Kurikyala of Gangadhara mandal, came into the limelight as it played a vital role in getting ancient language status for Telugu language.

It is believed that Jina Vallabhudu, brother of Pampa, a prominent poet in the kingdom of Vemulawada Chalukya Ara Kesari-II, had the trilingual (Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit) inscriptions imprinted on the hillock somewhere around 940 AD.

Jina Vallabhudu had also installed the idols of Chakreshwari and other Jain deities on a hill called Vrishabhadri, north of Dharmpura. He built a Basadi named Tribhuvana Tilaka and also created a garden called Madanavilasa. At the bottom of the hill, he constructed a lake ‘Kavithagunarnava’ as a tribute to his brother.

He inscribed what all he had done on a rock below the idol of Chakreshwari and this inscription is of utmost importance to Kannada and Telugu languages. The Kannada portion contains invaluable information about Pampa and explains about Pampa’s parents and grandparents, their native places, religion and Pampa’s relationship with Ara Kesari-II and others.

The Telugu portion is the oldest Telugu Kanda Padya and is invaluable. Based on this revelation, poets from the Telangana claimed that first Kanda Padyam, a prosodic form of Telugu poetry, was from Telangana and based on Bommalammagutta inscription, Telugu language was accorded ancient statues.

Local poet said the trilingual inscription of Jina Vallabhudu that contains three ‘kanda padyams’ manifested the fact that indeed Telugu language is an ancient language.

While participating in a Kavi Sammelanam conducted in Kurikyal recently on the eve of WTC, local MLA Bodige Shobha promised to develop the premises besides constructing a road.

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