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Behold the majestic Jatharas

Our festivals are all about colourful processions and community feasts which bring out the unique aura of Telangana.


Bonalu is among the most important festivals celebrated in the twin cities. Bonalu jathara is a month-long event with colourful processions and community feasts. Two major attractions of this festival are Pothuraju and Oracle. With his terrifying looks, lashing whips and neem leaves tied around his waist, Pothuraju is considered a guardian angel who leads the female dancers, under the spell of Mother Goddess (known as shigam), to the temple. It is one of the most intense parts of Bonalu you might not want to miss.

Rangam, the most-waited event of this festival, takes place on the morning after the festival. A woman standing atop an earthen pot invokes Goddess Mahankali onto her and performs this custom. She is believed to foretell the year ahead and devotees line up to know what future has in store for them.


Sammaka-Sarakka jathara, also known as Medaram jathara, takes place in the Medaram district of Warangal and honours the memory of the tribal goddesses, a mother-daughter duo. The State celebrates this procession with lots of grandeur and glory. This fair is touted to be one of the largest gatherings across the country after Kumbh Mela as it attracts more than 10 million people. It is to be noted that this festival which takes place once in two years is over 700 years old and considered as the ‘largest repeating congregation of tribal communities’ in the world.

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