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Adilabad continues to shiver at 3.7 degrees Celsius

Adilabad: Adilabad has been registering low temperatures from past couple of days. It recorded 3.7 degrees Celsius on Thursday, while the minimum temperature of Wednesday was 3.5 degrees Celsius.

The district is shivering due to unprecedented dip in temperatures in this winter, causing problem to civilians in particular elderly persons. Several parts are experiencing frosty weather conditions. On December 19, the district seen 3.8 degrees Celsius, surpassing a 120-year-old record of this region. It witnessed 4.3 degrees Celsius on December 20.

The district had registered 4 degrees Celsisus in 2014 and 5.2 degrees Celsius in 2006. Agency areas such as Sirpur (U), Utnoor, Indervelli, Jainoor and Bazarhathnoor mandals in Adilabad district are reeling under severe cold wave condition.

Meanwhile, Tiryani, Asifabad, Wankhidi, Sirpur (T) and Kerameri mandals in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district are witnessing unpleasant cold conditions. Aboriginal tribals who live in these regions are struggling to cope with freezing temperatures. They are not venturing outdoor till 10 am. They are burning wood to stay warm.

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