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Above 30 % Indians suffering from allergic diseases

Warangal Urban: Allergy has become a pan Indian disease. More than 30 per cent of the Indian population is suffering from allergic problems, said noted Pulmonologist and chief allergist Dr Vyakaranam Nageshwar.  He has also said that nearly five crore people were suffering from the food allergic problems.  Aswini Allergy Centre led by Dr Nageshwar has launched a national food allergy campaign here on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Nageshwar, who is also the national president of Allergy and Asthama Network of India, said that nearly 25 per cent of the people living in both the Telugu States were suffering from the food allergies as per a clinical estimation.

“Food allergies are causing around 50,000 emergency care cases at the hospitals, and around 200 deaths are reported in India per year. In fact that 40 lakh Indian suffer from peanut allergy alone,” he said and added that most common symptoms of the food allergy are dry cough, breathlessness, rashes and itching, headache, joint pains, vomiting, bloating of abdomen, swelling of lips and throat itching.

“If neglected the allergy causes anaphylaxis, a deadly condition, where death is inevitable, if not treated in less than five minutes,” he explained. Dr Nageshwar has said that many of the people do not know that they were suffering from food allergy.

Keeping in view of the alarming situation of allergy in our country, for the first time, a national allergy tool free number 1800 425 0095 was launched by the Aswini hospital on the hands of chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao several months ago.

“As a part of the national food allergy campaign, the people having allergy systems can call at the toll free number and register their name to get free screening for the allergies from today,” he added.

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