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Vysya community demands better representation in Telangana

Nalgonda: International Vysya Federation (IVF) State president Uppala Srinivas on Friday urged the political parties to give tickets to candidates from Vysya community in 2019 elections in proportion to their population.

Speaking at a media conference, Srinivas said people of Vysya community did not have enough representatives in legislative bodies in proportion to their population in the society.

He said only one MLA from the community was in Legislative Assembly of Telangana and two Vysya MLAs in the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh. 

He said chances of victory of candidates from Vysya community would be more in elections, if the political parties fielded them.

He urged the government to make welfare schemes applicable for poor Vysya families on par with other castes. There were poor people in all communities including upper castes, he added.

Entry of corporate companies into retails business had badly affected the livelihood of Vysyas, he said. IVF State vice president Kotagiri Daivadheenam and others were also present.

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