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Telangana sees rise in groundwater levels

Hyderabad: Groundwater level in Telangana witnessed an average rise of 4.46 mbgl (metres below ground level) in October when compared to May this year. At least six districts registered excess rainfall, while another 17 districts recorded normal rainfall and eight districts witnessed deficit rainfall. As a result, number of mandals with groundwater at more than 20 mbgl decreased from about 88 mandals in May to 26 mandals in October out of total 584 mandals indicating a major improvement in groundwater levels.

The depth to groundwater levels recorded in October 2017 ranges from 0.13 mbgl to 31.93 mbgl at different locations where the average groundwater level for the State in October was 7.89 mbgl. At the district level, the shallowest groundwater level was recorded at just 3.49 metres in Hyderabad district, while the deepest groundwater level was registered at 13.48 metres in Medak district. Similarly, a steep rise in groundwater level was identified at 9.58 metres in Sangareddy district when compared between groundwater levels in May and October and there was a marginal rise of 1.19 metres in Jagtial district.

Officials of the Ground Water Department said recharge of groundwater was restricted to a few localised areas of the districts due to erratic distribution of rainfall during October. As a result, an abnormal improvement in the water levels in some districts was observed during 2017-18 water year. “Since the monsoon ended this month, groundwater in some of the districts was not recharged sufficiently. Hence, water should be used judiciously in areas where groundwater is at steep low,” officials said.

In a report on groundwater levels in October this year, the officials analysed groundwater level data recorded through the Piezometer network in the State and observed that water was available at less than 2 mbgl in 53 mandals. They also observed that deep water levels with more than 20 mbgl were recorded in 26 mandals. Similarly, water levels ranging between 15mbgl and 20mbgl were recorded in 41 mandals. The officials suggested for taking appropriate measures including water conservation, augmentation and management to conserve and improve groundwater levels in these 67 mandals.

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