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Telangana government taking measures for infant care 

Hyderabad: One of the most promising measures that the State government has taken to save the lives of neonates in Telangana is to work closely with UNICEF and public health experts who specialise in infant care.

As part of this initiative, Arogyasri Trust and ACCESS Health International have launched ‘Safe Care, Saving Lives’ initiative, which is basically aimed at quality improvement of all the birthing centres in Telangana State.

The Safe Care, Saving Lives initiative is under implementation since bifurcation in almost all the Special Newborn Care Units (SNCU) in Telangana.

The aim is to reduce neonatal deaths by at least 15 per cent over a period of four years by just improving the quality of medical services.  As part of this initiative, the ACCESS Health International has developed a quality improvement kit aimed at addressing three major reasons for the death of infants in State-run birthing centres-sepsis, birth asphyxia and complications due to premature birth.

The kit under implementation clearly specifies steps to be taken by healthcare providers to ensure quality while delivering and infants in State-run hospitals. The project provides in person and ongoing support to medical staff in Government hospitals, teaching them how to identify areas for improvement and then collect and analyse data to measure the results.

The government staff has been trained to develop simple systems and collect data and analyse them over short intervals to ensure that the actions are producing desired results. Such measures build a culture of improvement and increases and sense of ownership of the quality improvement process by the healthcare staff of the State-run health institute.

According to top officials from ACCESS International, in its first year of implementing Safe Care, Saving Lives, it has managed to help more than 45,000 babies in various newborn intensive care units in the State.

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