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Swachhata App a hit in Nizamabad

Nizamabad: Officials of Nizamabad Municipal Corporation are making the best use ‘Swachhata App, developed by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, to address garbage issues in the area.

Officials are using the app to alert the corporation staff on issues such as unattended dustbins and toilets, uncleared roads, late arrivals of garbage vehicles. People can complain about these issues through the app by uploading photos.

After receiving a complaint, the information reaches officials, sanitary inspector concerned and the sanitary jawan. They are expected to take action on the complaint and upload a photo after the problem was addressed. If they do not react to the complaint within six hours, the app alerts higher officials and concerned staff to take suitable action.

Bala Muni, Nizamabad Municipal Corporation, Superintendent Engineer (SE), said this app was helpful to both municipal corporations and people, He added.  He said people should voluntarily download the app and alert the officials to turn Nizamabad city into a Swachh city. He said if a problem was not solved within six hours, Swatch Sarvekshan Committee would cut the points of the corporation. Gangadhar, a resident of Nizamabad, said the app was useful in solving their problems unlike before when municipal officials rarely used to respond.

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