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SNCUs to the rescue in Telangana to save newborns 

Hyderabad: Developing hi-tech Special Care Newborn Care Units (SNCU) to take care of very sick infants has been a major initiative by the authorities in Telangana State to save the lives of neonates.

Anywhere between Rs 70 lakh and Rs 90 lakh was spent to develop each of the 21 SNCU units in the Telangana State under the funds made available by National Health Mission (NHM) and to some extent even State government.

Recently, recognising the important role that the SNCUs have played, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) had ranked Telangana State second in the country and Haryana on top in providing quality services to the newborn.

The top billing in the Special Care Newborn Units (SNCU) Quality of Care Index indicated that Telangana State has the best facilities at public health institutions to take care of infants and mothers.

In the last two years, the health authorities had set up 21 hi-tech SNCU units in the districts which were known for high infant mortality rate. Another 14 speciality SNCU units are being planned out of which seven SNCUs will be shortly inaugurated.

The development of SNCUs has played a big role in gradual reduction of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in Telangana State.

In the last one-year, 29,000 high-risk just borne infants were admitted to the 21 SNCU facilities in the State out of which over 75 per cent of the infants had survived. The birth cohort of TS is close to 6, 50, 000 of which estimates suggest that 1 lakh infants need to be treated in the SNCUs.

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