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Siddipet aircraft crash: Trainee Pilot thanks ambulance staff

Siddipet: The girl had escaped unhurt in a biggest accident in her life just less than 24 hours ago and she is still undergoing treatment at a Hospital at Air Force Station Hakimpet, but she did not forget to thank the people who had helped her immediately after she parachuted on Rajiv Rhadhari in Siddipet district.

Rashi Raina, trainee Pilot of Indian Air Force, who ejected out of Kiran Trainer Aircraft that caught in fire due to a snag and blew up minutes later, had requested her father to make a call to Ambulance staff. 

R Rajiv Reddy, Emergency Medical Technician of 108 Ambulance Service and driver of the 108 Service, P Srinivas were going by the-way, when the incident happened.

The duo immediately plunged into action and shifted her to Siddipet Hospital within minutes after relieving her from Parachute. They have shifted her to Government Hospital in Siddipet. Raji Reddy was besides her until she was airlifted in a helicopter.

Rashi’s father, Brigadier Rajeev Raina had called Raji Reddy and Srinivas on Friday and informed them about her daughter’s well being. Thanking them for their kind help, the Brigadier said that Rashi had repeatedly remembered him to make a call to thank the Ambulance staff.

The 108 Ambulance of Kondapak mandal, which was going to attend a non-emergency case, was just 50 meters away when Rashi had parachuted on to the road. 

The EMT had checked her BP, provided first aid and administer saline besides comforting her. Reddy said that there was no major injuries on her body except fractures on one of her leg and hand.

She also made phone calls to her higher officials, father, mother, and brother by picking up the phone of the ambulance staff. Prasanth, a Medical Technician working with Hakimpet Air Force Hospital, has also made a call to Raji Reddy and informed him about the well-being of Rashi.  

Landing on the road is reason for the injury:

Speaking to Telangana Today over phone, Rashi’s father, Brigadier, Rajeev Raina said that landing on hard surface could be the reason for injury.

Rashi had sustained a fracture on her left leg and left hand after parachuting onto Rajiv Rahdhari. Had she landed on soil surface, Rajeev has opined that she would not have suffered any injury except bruises.

However, he said that they were happy that their daughter was alive even after an aircraft crash.


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