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Rs 72 lakh for renovation of toilets in Nalgonda schools

Nalgonda: In all, repairing of 771 defunct toilets in government schools with Rs 72.45 lakhs was taken up in Nalgonda district. In addition to this, it was proposed for construction of 160 toilets for boys and 113 toilets for girls by the officials of education department in the government run schools.   

As per the proposals made by the officials for boys toilets in government schools in the district under School Improvement Programme, the toilets for boys and girls  in the majority of the government schools were not as per the norms as a toilet should be available for each 40 boy and one for each 30 girl students.  In addition to repairing the defunct toilets, it was proposed to construct required number of the toilets for boy and girls students in the government schools in the district.

It is up to the headmasters of the schools to arrange for water connections in association with Rural Water Supply or urban development bodies, depending on whether the school is located in a rural or urban area. But, majority of the toilets in the schools do not have running water supply. Keeping it in the mind, the officials were focused in ensuring the water facility in all the toilets on the premises of the schools.  

As per the Progress Report dated November 1, 2017, 72.45 lakhs have been sanctioned  for repairing of 771 defunct toilets in the schools under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and repairing works of 262 toilets was going on. The repairing of these toilets was  at the stage of completion of 87 percent of work. In addition to them, construction of 36 new toilets were taken up with the estimated cost of Rs 48.90 lakhs and the works were at the stage of completion of  more than 69 percent of the works. In KGBV Schools, construction of 86 toilets were taken up with Rs 107.5 lakhs and 55 percent of their construction was completed.

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