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Lecturers’ appointment taking political turn at Kakatiya University?

Warangal Urban: Appointment of part-time lectures at the Kakatiya University, Warangal, has become a contentious issue as different departments are giving different interpretations to the guidelines or norms prepared by both the varsity as well as the University Grants Commission (UGC). Due to this, meritorious candidates are becoming the victims of the flawed system.

For instance, the two Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) of the zoology department have been agitating for the past one week demanding the department to appoint them as the part-time lecturers. But the department authorities are simply ignoring their demand claiming that there is no need of new part time lecturers. But a part-time lecturer, who was already appointed, was reportedly given 15 classes while he used to take only five classes in the past.

Though the department heads say that it is not a binding for the varsity to offer part time lectureship to the PDF awardees or Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship holders, many RGNF recipients were inducted as the part time lecturers since 2005-06. Majority of them allegedly influenced the administrative heads with their ‘political affiliations’. In one department, a regular employee of the varsity is reportedly working as the part-time lecturer which is against the norms. He is drawing both the salaries. It is alleged that the appointment of the part-time lecturers has been taking place without conducting the interviews and demos. No roster point is implemented and no order of merit is followed during the appointment of the part-time lecturers.

Dr Devath Suresh, a part-time lecturer in the public administration, said that he was given only two classes (periods) though he is eligible for the at least six classes. “I have got two postdoctoral fellowships (PDFs), but I was denied more classes due to politics in the appointment of the part-time teachers and allotting the classes,” he alleged. Lamenting over the sorry state of affairs with the administration, a senior professor opined that vice-chancellor has to set the administration in order and see that the talented people should be appointed as the part-time lecturers following the roster points.

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