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KTR hails youths for cleaning Sircila old bus stand

Rajanna-Sircilla: Local MLA and Information Technology Minister KT Rama Rao appreciated the members of a voluntary organisation, “We Can Make a Change” for cleaning old bus stand area.

Members of a non-governmental organisation cleaned staircase of Sircilla old bus stand complex and painted them with different colours and also arranged flowerpots. A civilian, Suraj posted old and new pictures of staircase on the twitter account of the Minister seeking his appreciation. He posted saying, “Required your appreciation for those boys who made this area of old bus stand at Sircilla very clean. Kindly help in maintaining the same here after, good work Karthik and friends”.

Responding on Suraj’s post, KTR said, “My compliments to Karthik and his friend. Good job boys”.

Speaking to the Telangana Today, one of the founders of NGO, Pallam Karthi said staircase has become ugly place as people used to spit by chewing gutkhas and pan masalas and paste wall posters. In the night, it was a safe zone for illegal activities. In order to turn the place as a beautiful location, they cleaned staircase and its surroundings and painted them with different colours. They also arranged flowerpot to appear the place as a beautiful spot so that people could not spit, he said and thanked KTR for appreciating their job.

Inspired by a Bangalore based voluntary organisation, The Ugly India, the eight member group of software engineers have started, “We Can Make a Change” three months ago. Now the NGO has 20 members. Members of the NGO so far have filled 85 potholes in Hyderabad

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