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IMA conducts screening camps for girl students in Nalgonda

Nalgonda: Neelagiri unit of Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday conducted diabetes and thyroid awareness and screening camp in Government Junior College at Nalgonda for girl students. In all, 1600 girl students from different colleges were attended the awareness and screening camp.

As a part of the camp, Thyroid diagnosis tests were conducted for 252 girl students on Tuesday. Members of IMA Neelagiri Unit displayed “Blue Ring”, which was theme of the year 2017 for global awareness on diabetes. They also distributed wipes and intiwash to the girl students free of cost. They also distributed pamphlets about awareness on thyroid and diabetes to the students.  

IMA Neelagiri unit president Dr Vasantha Kumari said that doctors explained the students at the awareness camp about menstrual health management. He reminded that they have been conducting awareness and screening camps on different diseases to help the poor people in the society. Awareness in the public would help the people to get rid of the diseases while early detection of the diseases through screening test would help in curing the diseases easily, she added.

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