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Etela urges people to be committed on environment protection

Hyderabad: Finance Minister Etela Rajender on Monday called upon people to show their commitment to protect the ecological imbalance and take it as their responsibility.

Speaking after inaugurating the third International Conference on Environmental Management, he said the State government was taking all measures to protect environment.

“Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has a vision which is why he started Haritha Haram programme targeting plantation of 240 crore saplings over a period of five year in TS alone,” he said.

“The government is not only planting saplings but also taking all necessary steps to protect the plants. After king Ashoka, it is now Chandrashekhar Rao who with a broad vision has launched Haritha Haram programme,” Rajender said, adding that under Mission Bhagiratha, piped water would be supplied to every household in the State.

The Minister said the government was constructing huge irrigation projects and rejuvenating around 46,000 village tanks in the State without creating any damage to environment.

Stating that it was pathetic that rivers were now polluted, he said: “Earlier, we used to drink Musi water, but it has now become more hazardous than chemicals. Who takes the responsibility for that?” Rajender said construction of roads and buildings are not the yardsticks for development, but an environment where people live happily, and are confident and secure is the greatest achievement of mankind.

On disparities in society, he said 38 per cent of the people are still living under below the poverty line even after 70 years of Independence.

“It is the responsibility of all parents and teachers to teach values to children and encourage them to take part in social programmes,” Rajender advised. The Minister invited suggestions from the conference to make the State a role model in the country in protection of environment.

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